Aiming to provide top quality plumbing, reliability, efficiency, and safety benefits to you, our valued customer. That’s why we offer the Mr. Rooter AdvantagePlan™, available to anyone using Mr. Rooter’s services. The Mr. Rooter AdvantagePlan™ provides the following benefits:

Priority Scheduling

Our Mr. Rooter AdvantagePlan™ customers will always be given priority when emergencies arise.

Preferential Pricing

As a Mr. Rooter AdvantagePlan™ customer, you will enjoy a special discount from standard pricing, clearly indicated in our Menu Pricing Guide.

Periodic Specials

As a loyalty reward to our Mr. Rooter AdvantagePlan™ customers, we send out specials from time to time providing even greater savings and convenience.

Personalized Records

For our Mr. Rooter AdvantagePlan™ customers, we maintain records of what we find in our inspection of your plumbing system, which helps you to have greater peace of mind as we diagnose solutions to your plumbing problems.

Transferable Agreement

Your Mr. Rooter AdvantagePlan™ agreement is transferable to new owners when you are ready to sell. Merely notify us of the name of the new owners.

Multiple Site Coverage

Customers owning additional properties enjoy Mr. Rooter AdvantagePlan™ coverage over all listed sites.

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