AO Smith Water Heaters

Mr Rooter’s Plumbers in Oklahoma City are well versed in the entire product line of AO Smith Water Heaters. The A.O. Smith Corporation is a manufacturer of both residential and commercial water heaters and boilers. It is the largest manufacturer and marketer of water heaters in North America.

Everybody loves a hot shower. We all appreciate the convenience of clean clothes and dishes. And what can be more enjoyable than a relaxing dip in a hot tub or whirlpool?  There’s nothing like hot water, and one company has been delivering the world’s hot water for more than 70 years. Today’s A. O. Smith is about more than hot water.  A.O. Smith has recently entered the water purification industry to deliver clean water to consumers. It’s all about water, and A. O. Smith has a singular focus on becoming a global leader in water technology.

History of AO Smith

The first residential water heater was manufactured in 1939 that initiated a rich legacy of building innovative and ingenious product line and continues till date. In the year 1953, A. O. Smith introduced the first commercial water heater that was equipped with a ‘glass-lined’ tank, which created the industry standards for preventing any kind of corrosive effects of water.

Headquartered in Ashland City, Tennessee, A.O. Smith water heater is known worldwide to have one of the largest water heater factories and the network includes five manufacturing facilities in North America and plants in China, Nanjing, Veldhoven and The Netherlands.

AO Smith Gas Water Heaters

AO Smith Vertex ™;

This AO Smith water heater unit has a 50 gallon capacity which is suited for homes with two to three and half bathrooms. Vertex™ had two models the GPHE-50 which is a power vent model and a GDHE-50 direct vent model.

AO Smith Effex®;

This AO Smith gas water heater is built with the goal to be highly efficient and has two sizes available. A 40 gallon, suited for homes with one bath the GAHH-40 and the GAHH-50 , 50 gallon, for homes with 2 to 3 bathrooms.

AO Smith Conservationist®;

This AO Smith water heater features a DynaClean™ II system that is designed to protect against sediment and lime build up while still offering a high efficiency AO Smith water heater. There are two models to choose from the XGV-40 and XGV-50 gallon sized residential AO Smith gas water heaters.

ProMax Brand:

AO Smith ProMax Plus High Recovery;

Have a high demand for water in your large family? This AO Smith hot water heater may be exactly what you need with up to 150 gallons in the first hour. The sizes available are GCVT-40, GCVT-50, GCVX-50, GCV-65, FCG-75 and FCG-100 gallons.

AO Smith ProMax High Efficiency

Looking for a rebate from your government? This water heater qualifies for the rebate program in the majority of areas. There is 2 sizes of tanks available the XGV-40 and XGV-50 gallon.

AO Smith ProMax;

Do you have problems in your area with lime and sending build up? This model comes equipped with the DynaClean™II system to help protect against that. Models included are the tall GCV-30, GCV-40, GCV-50 and short GVCL-30, GVCL-40 gallon tanks.

AO Smith ProMax Ultra Low NOx;

Like the names states this is what this AO Smith Water heater is about but there is Energy Star&red; qualified models, the GNR-40 and GNR-50 gallon sized. Other water heaters available are the GCNH-30, GNCH-40 and GNCH-50.

ProMax® Specialty Vent Brand:

AO Smith Direct Vent;

uses a single flexible pipe that employs a dual-channel closed system that must be within 80 inches of exterior wall. Sizes Energy Star qualified are the GDV-40, GDV-50, GDV-75 and not qualified is GDVT-50.

AO Smith Power Vent;

power vent blower allows the AO Smith water heater to be as far as 40 feet from the outside and can be expanded to as much as 160 feet depending on model.

AO Smith Power Direct Vent;

is a two pipe closed combustion system that creates a no worry system using air from the outside of the home in a case of not having sufficient indoor ventilation. Comes in sizes of GPD-40, GPD-50 and GDP-75, along with a GPDX-50 which 5 feet of 3inch ABS pipe must be used and is supplied with.

AO Smith Side Loop;

has side mounted recirculating taps for the purpose of a space heating/water heating application such as an air handler. There is six different models from 40 gallon to 75 gallon AO Smith gas units. They are the GCVH-40L, GCVT-40L, GCVT-50L, GCVX-50L, GCV-65L and FCG-75L.

AO Smith Side Loop Power Vent;

is the same idea as the side-loop for recirculating with the addition of a power vent to give the flexibility to not standing next to an exterior wall. GPVT-40L, GPVT-50L, GPVX-50L and GPS-75L are currently available.

AO Smith Side Loop Direct Vent;

must be within 80 inches of exterior wall, recirculating taps and uses one pipe to draw air from the outside as well as vent out. 3 models are GDV-40L, GDVT-50L and GDV-75L.

SAO Smith Side Loop Power Direct Vent;

is the same as the Side Loop Direct Vent with the exception of a blower that allows this AO Smith water heater to be up to 40 feet from an exterior wall. GPD-40L, GPDX-50L and GPD-75L sizing.

AO Smith Energy Saver;

are avaliable in standard vent or direct vent, meeting requirements for manufactured housing with the ability to be converted to propane from gas easily find airbnb cleaning san francisco. Standard vent models are FMV-30, FMV-40, FMV-50 from the 100 series and FMV-40 from the 200 series. The direct vent models are FMD-30,FMD-40 and FMD-50.

AO Smith Electric Water Heaters

AO Smith Conservationist®;

has a 3 inch CFC-free foam insulation the Blue Diamond®Glass coating to provide a superior glass lining than the the standard requirements. Tall models include the PXHT-40, PXHT-54, PXHT-66 and PXHT-80, while the short models are the PXHS 40 and PXHS 50.

ProMax® Electric Brand:

AO Smith ProMax® Plus High Efficiency;

Meets most energy rebate program requirements with the Energy Star ratings and offers the DynaClean™ system to protect against build up. The tall models consist of the ECRT-40, ECRT-52, ECRT-66 and ECRT-80, and the only short model available is the ECRS-50.

AO Smith Standard;

There is tall, short and lowboy(top connect) models available. The tall models range from 30 to 120 gallon sizes, while the short models have 3 choices of 30,40 and 50 gallons. The lowboys are available in 30,40 and 50 gallons.

AO Smith Specialty;

There is a table top water heaters which features a porcelain top 3 feet high in sizes of ESTT-30 and 40 gallons.  Also a compact model for underneath the counter or other tight spots in sizes of EJC-6 gallons, EJC-10, EJC-20 and EJCT-20. Lastly the point of use models that have a 2 1/2 gallon capacity for a low demand and out of the way need. It comes equipped with a standard cord set, EJC-2.

Hybrid Gas and Electric Brand:

NEXT Hybrid®;

Performance is comparable to a tankless water heater by using two technologies to create a higher energy effect as well as offering uninterrupted delivery of hot water. HYB-90N

Voltex Hybrid Electric;

Has a large storage capacity while being extremely efficient and absorbing environmental heat to heat the water, while cooling and dehumidification of the ambient air. Has four operation modes, high efficiency, vacation, hybrid and electric. PHPT-60 and PHPT-80 gallon sizes available.

Tankless Water Heaters

All models are Energy Star® qualified, provide the entire house with hot water or can be connected up to 20 other units for commercial needs. There are indoor and outdoor models available. If you live in area with a warmer ground water temperature you can add 1 more shower. A shower is the equivalent of any appliance demand.

# of series
70°F Min. Ground Water Temp.
2 Showers
3 Showers
4 Showers
4 Showers
4 Showers
5 Showers
Cooler than 70° Ground Water Temp.
1 Shower
2 Showers
2 Showers
3 Showers
3 Showers
4 Showers

AO Smith Solar Water Heaters

Cirrex® Solar Electric System;

There are 16 solar systems which can provide 70% of your water heating needs. The larger the tank and number of solar panels on your roof the larger the amount of energy that can be captured by the sun.

Cirrex® SUNX Indirect Solar Booster Tanks;

These 80 and 120 gallon tanks are used to supply and maintain hot water when solar energy is not available by using a closed loop.

Cirrex® SUN Direct Solar Booster Tanks;

80 and 120 gallon tanks are part of an open loop system with the solar panels to provide hot water when there is no sunlight to provide energy to heat up the tanks.

Commercial Water Heaters

The commercial range of AO Smith water heaters include water heaters, boilers, skid systems and storage tanks.The AO Smith water heaters are categorized as per the technology being used and therefore the different product lines include gas water heaters, electric water heaters, oil based water heaters and multi-fuel water heaters.

  • Gas Water Heaters

  • Cyclone® HE

  • Cyclone® Xi

  • Master-Fit®

  • Conservationist®

Commercial Electric AO Smith

The commercial electric water heater product line is extremely innovative featuring intelligent control system and 24k gold elements.

  • Heat Pump AWH

  • Gold Series DRE

  • Gold Series DVE

  • Heavy-Duty Custom Xi DSE

  • Dura-Power™

  • Oil and Multi-Fuel AO Smith Water Heaters

Conservationist® Large Volume COF and COBT;

Can provide up to 575 gallons of storage capacity for large commercial and industrial water needs. There are duel-fuel units that are supplied heat with natural gas and oil or propane and oil.

Conservationist® Small Volume COF;

Are more suited for medium sized commercial operations with an optional two-stage pump for use with below-grade oil storage tanks.

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