BioChoiceES® Drain Cleaner

Bio Choice BottleAny plumber can tell you that you shouldn’t pour grease down the disposal, wash coffee grounds down the drain, or flush cigarettes down the toilet—but it does happen. Instead of waiting on your pipes to clog up with excess waste and then seeking a solution while water (or worse!) spills onto your floor, the plumbing professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing we recommend the use of BioChoiceES® Green Drain Cleaner.

BioChoiceES® green drain cleaner is a formula containing living, microbial organisms that eat away at all of the fats, oils, and other wastes that clog up your drains. With regular, simple applications of just two ounces of BioChoiceES®, solid buildup is broken down and flushed away with ease. Each container of BioChoiceES® contains enough vegetative microbes for thirty-two applications. The shelf life of BioChoiceES® is approximately eighteen months and you need only apply one application per drain per month, making BioChoiceES® a sound investment.

Of course, some substances are too thick and will take time for any drain cleaner to break down. The beauty of BioChoiceES® is although it can eat away at those substances, it will eat away at what they are clinging to first! For example, the strong protein in hair is resilient against all drain cleaners, but the microbes in BioChoiceES® will digest the drain buildup around the hair, allowing it to flow freely.

There is always some concern for environmental safety when using a cleaning product. Instead of using soaps and harsh chemicals which are costly to water treatment plants and, in turn, expensive to you, the microbes in BioChoiceES® break down the gunk in your drains into water and other safe materials that will not result in increased surcharges to consumers.

Because of the green, environmentally-friendly decisions made by BioChoiceES®, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows all containers of BioChoiceES® to display the Design for the Environment logo. The logo is placed for consumers to see, at a glance, that the product was designed and built with the safety of both your family and the planet in mind.

For more information regarding BioChoiceES® green drain cleaner in either the home or in your business, follow the links below, or contact your local Mr. Rooter plumber to order. BioChoiceES is available exclusively through Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

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