HydroScrub® Drain Cleaning Service

Mr. Rooter® Plumbing HydroScrub® service is the most effective method known to restore old drain lines to a like-new condition. The HydroScrub clogged drain system restores old drain lines to a like-new condition by using water moving through tiny openings located in nozzles, removing grease and sludge from the line. The combination of the high pressure and water volume provides a cleaning system unattainable by conventional methods.

For drain lines with a history of problems, HydroScrub can be used to inject specific amounts of our exclusive Mr. Rooter Plumbing degreaser which actually enhances the cleaning power of the HydroScrubdrain cleaning method. After the initial cleaning, your Mr. Rooter plumber will recommend a periodic maintenance program to help insure an uninterrupted flow. Unlike conventional cable methods, Mr. Rooter Plumbing HydroScrub™ drain cleaning services are designed to prevent future problems. While conventional machines are effective in opening a blockage, they do not clear the line of problems like grease, soap, and sludge. Conventional cable machines push through the line in the path of least resistance, often opening only a small hole. Soft deposits left in the drain line collect pieces of paper or other material, eventually causing another clogged drain.

Only the power of the Mr. Rooter Plumbing HydroScrub drain cleaning method and the skill of your Mr. Rooter plumber can help avoid the expense and inconvenience of future blockages, such as ruined walls and flooring from backed-up drain lines. Mr. Rooter HydroScrub clogged drain services can be scheduled at your convenience.

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