Rheem Water Heater

Mr.Rooter of Oklahoma City offers Rheem tankless gas water heaters that are the perfect solution to heat your water at home. Imagine never running out of hot water again. Rheem tankless water heaters and provide to you innovative, new tankless products that provide a continuous supply of hot water from energy efficient and space saving design units.

Why Rheem Tankless?

  • ALL THE HOT WATER YOU’LL EVER NEED: when you need it. It’s that simple. The popularity of oversize tubs is growing, and so is the demand for large volumes of low-cost hot water. The Rheem Tankless provides a compact solution for a continuous supply of energy-efficient hot water that won’t run out.
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT DESIGN: low-cost operation. Why keep 40-50 gallons of water hot when you don’t need it? It’s expensive to continue to heat and re-heat water when you’re not home or not using it. Rheem’s tankless design offers convenience without the high cost of keeping water hot.
  • COMPACT SIZE: good things do come in small packages. Rheem Tankless is about one third the size of a conventional water heater. Sophisticated technology has reduced the size and increased the features and benefits. A digital display makes setting a precise water temperature, or monitoring the unit’s status, a snap! Its compact size will leave room for a water softener or extra storage.
  • PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Many user and installer-friendly features make the Rheem Tankless the easiest tankless water heater to own. The digital display makes it simple to set the water temperature. Simply set the desired temperature and walk away. Because the water is heated only when it is needed, the outgoing water temperature remains constant.
  • SELF-DIAGNOSTIC: Should maintenance be required, the unit’s self-diagnostic system will display a maintenance code, which makes troubleshooting less expensive.
  • EZ-LINK™ CABLE: EZ-Link cable connects two tankless units to operate as one – now available for high demand applications.
  • RHEEM QUALITY: We are committed to providing the highest quality product to customers work injury lawyer near me. The Rheem Tankless is no exception. The specially designed features have been field and laboratory tested to ensure consistent, precise operation to meet our quality standards.


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